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The multi-tube, snood, bandana, buff or whatever you like to call them are one of the most versatile and essential items of kit for cyclists.

Our seamless microfibre Multitubes are windproof, UV protective & quick drying.  Cooling in the summer and insulating in the winter to make the ultimate all year round essential kit item.

Wear them as you like:

BANDANA: To protect the head from the sun or under a helmet to keep sweat out of your eyes

BEANIE: Double layer for extra thermal insulation.  Worn this way they are the perfect low bulk design that can be worn under a helmet to keep the head warm on cold winter rides.

NECK WARMER: Keeps neck warm in winter riding (Or can also be a neck cooler in the summer if you soak in cold water!)

FACE MASK: Wear as a neck warmer & simply pull up over the mouth & nose when required. (Perfect for mid-ride shop or cafe stops when a face covering is required)

SCRUCHY: Instant pony tail!

Not only are they popular with cyclists but also essential kit for motorcyclists & any outdoor pursuits in all weathers.

Our Multitubes are available in a range of designs:  The stealth black colour has an added reflective stripe for added safety days.  Check out the whole range to find your favourite!


100% Microfibre Polyester

Seamless tubular design

Stealth Black colour

Reflective strip for extra safety

Quick drying & Sweat wicking

Windproof, Thermal insulating & cooling

UV protective

Multi-Use – wear it how you like