Selle Repente Spyd Saddle - 132 mm Wide - Black

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Selle Repente Premium Saddles Are Made In Italy And Are Suitable For Road, MTB, Cyclocross, Time Trial, Track And Commuting.


More uniform contact is distributed over the surface, the greater the cyclist’s comfort, this is the basis for the construction of Spyd.

  • COATING Water-based microfiber
  • PADDING Polyurethane foam
  • PADDING SUPPORT PA12 Carbon Reinforced
  • RAIL UD Carbon Fiber T700 Ø 7x9 mm
  • DIMENSIONS 275 mm x 132 mm
  • WEIGHT (± 5%) 170 g (5,99 oz)

The Tepex® dynalite range consists of multiple layers of continuous fibre reinforcements in a matrix of engineering thermoplastics. The continuous fiber structure, fully consolidated with a thermoplastic polymer, provides the maximum possible strength and stiffness. Typical applications are industrial and automotive applications and sporting goods.

- Multiple reinforcement layers made of fibers coated with thermoplastic matrix
- Maximum strength and stiffness
- Minimum weight